What is the purpose of the Budd Lake Association (BLA)?


    The purpose is to promote, preserve and protect the quality of Budd Lake and properties surrounding the lake.


    Who can belong to the Budd Lake Association?


    Home or property owners of Budd Lake and those with a vested interest in protecting the well-being of the lake and environment can belong.


    How can I join?


    Click here for the membership form or go to the "Membership" section on the webpage.


    How can I pay the annual Association dues?


    You may send a check to: Budd Lake Association, P.O. Box 55, Harrison, MI 48625


    What are the association funds used for?


    -Support of lake ecosystem initiatives, such as fish planting, loon nesting, etc.


    -Social activities


    -Educational activities


    -Administrative expenses, such as mailings, website maintenance, etc.


    Can anyone attend the board meetings?


    Meetings are open to all BLA members.


    Is there a general membership meeting?


    Yes, there is an annual meeting held at Harrison City Hall the third Saturday in June.


    What is the difference between the Budd Lake Association and Budd Lake Improvement Board?


    The Budd Lake is a nonprofit 501(c)3 governed by property owners on Budd Lake. The Budd Lake Improvement Board is a local government entity and consists of 1 representative from the city of Harrison, 1 representative of the county, 1 representative from the county drain commission and deals with lake-only issues such as lake quality and weed control.


    Who controls the no wake ordinance on Budd Lake?


    The Michigan department of Natural resources is primarily responsible. You may contact the local DNR office (989-275-5151) with questions or Sheriff Department (989-539-7166) regarding violations. The RAP (Report All Poaching) number is 800-292-7800. If you witness a natural resource violation, this number takes you directly to the DNR law enforcement communications center.





    Direct questions or comments to Buddlakeassociation@gmail.com